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About our Services…

In 2000, Shae-Marie Janssen left her position as Shelter Manager at the Oakville Humane Society and started a small business serving the needs of pet owners in the communities of Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Milton.  Forpetsake.ca began as a ‘boutique’ style pet service and has grown into a thriving business based on a fundamental, customer service vision:

(See our ‘Services’ to access the many ways in which we can help you when you need it most).

At Forpetsake.ca, We Maintain A Quality Care Assurance…

This is our business, to take great pride in the services provided to you, our valued Client!  We ensure:

  • Fully Insured, Responsible and Ethical Care
  • A Staff of Experienced and Dedicated Care-Givers
  • A Commitment to Client Satisfaction

All Care-Givers (our Staff) have passed a Criminal Records Check, are rigorously screened for suitability, and, undertake “shadow training” before commencing work.

Our Care-Givers are passionate pet people, who have a particular empathy and intuitive spirit in providing animal care.  Your Pet will look forward to lots of Hands-on-TLC, Cuddles and ‘Happy-Talk’. 

Our bottomline is, when you can’t be there, chose responsible pet care"